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Photo by Jade Jackman

Performer: Sarah Duffy

Camera: Sophie Jung

A 3am ventriloquist singing performance in The Greenwich Foot tunnel, as part of Om3am, a series of events hosted by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Jos Bitelli and Felix Melia.

20 minute live performance

Om3am is a meeting that happens at 3am when, mostly, the city has gone to sleep.  At 3am things are more quiet.  A comparative emptiness creates space for activities that are deemed unworthy or  threatening and don't fit in with London's socio-economic rhetoric.  At 3am people are tired - or asleep - or drunk, waiting, jet lagged, desperate or at work - maybe still desperate.  At 3am space can be adjusted and certain permissions can be reordered.  People rarely sit on the benches outside the Greenwich foot tunnel but they make for the prefect forum.  Where we can find it public space is gestural and it's conditioned, but at 3am it can be brought to life, it can serve many purposes. We can reaffirm the most basic of our spatial, civil freedoms. There's a noiric quality to Om3am, a kind of espionage. Meeting at 3am raises issues, but the act of taking part is the subject of our conversations.  We consider our performance and the liberties we take to be the first point of entry, the first defining problem.  So we'd like to invite you to meet us at 3am, come tired, rested, drunk, cold, warm.

Felix Melia

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