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Photo by Sion Parkinson

Performer: Sarah Duffy

Camera and Sound: Christopher Sand-Iversen and Hugo Hopping

Additional sound recording: Seth Guy

Part of A Faraway Rendez-vous, a group exhibition Curated by FormContent at SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen.

20 minute live performance


Performed for the first time as part of Copenhagen Art Week, The Strongroom tells the tale of an ill-fated Swedish bank robbery that took place in Stockholm in 1973. This six-day hostage crisis led to the coining of the term Stockholm Syndrome, a disputed psychological phenomenon in which hostages form a deep bond and attachment to their captors. The story is told through song, monologue, archival footage and lip-synching; investigating the complexities of this captor/captive relationship and the different ways people can find themselves subjugated by both internal and external forces.


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