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Image by Sarah Duffy

Online exhibition/ Digital Residency commissioned by CCA Derry~Londonderry, 2022

You can view full project HERE

Over the past decade, i've had an ongoing interest in the notion of virtual hauntings and internet based urban legends. i'm curious about how the advent of new technologies provokes deep-seated supernatural fears - from belief in early photography’s soul stealing potential, to suspicion around radio waves carrying the voices of the dead.

For this online residency, I set myself up as a digital ‘ghost hunter’, documenting the rise of technological hauntings and ghost stories over the course of seven days, which I trace back to the 1998 Japanese horror film, Ringu. The resulting online exhibition is a semi-fictional, multi platform piece that explores how glitches in emerging technologies are inducing new superstitions, as well as the very real threats lurking behind the technology we use everyday.

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