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Photo by Corey Bartle-Sanderson

Performer: Sarah Duffy

Camera and Sound: Corey Bartle-Sanderson

Additional sound recording: Jenny Moore

20 minute live performance

Spectral Glide - which exists twofold as both a live performance and a sound installation - takes the audience on a peculiar Journey through a series of interconnected ideas and anecdotes concerning the ageing body, the human voice, recording technology, contagious music, urban myth, trance states and spectral beings.

Spectral Glide was first shown as part of The Ol’ Switcheroo, a group exhibition curated by Carolina Ongaro at Jupiter Woods, London


The Ol' Switcheroo an ongoing project between Rebecca Lennon, Sarah Duffy, Sophie Jung and Carolina Ongaro. This collaboration entered the murky territories of the voice in its inner guttural, written and spoken shapes, to explore subjectification and its escape routes, and celebrate the polyphony of being. The voice - that slippery element of the human body in constant negotiation between its inner and outer guises - moves, simulates; articulates language, yet plays tricks on it. Unfolding a methodology that attempted to challenge ideas of individuality and of “owned” identity constructors, an experiment is inaugurated: a folder of ‘Nuggets’ became the open container for snippets of thoughts and comments that were continually free floating amongst the artists’ voices. Acting as vessels for each others’ works, the voices are organically, formally and idiosyncratically intertwined, following a process of giving and taking - putting ideas, materials, inspiration at the disposal of each other, with the hope of creating a logic beyond language, and beyond a consensus of knowledgeable understanding. Delving into the embodied and disembodied textures of the vocal apparatus,The Ol’ Switcheroo  observed what happens when our possessive selves try to let go of “owned” identity constructors and instead play with a flowing sharing economy. What gets lost and what is gained?



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