Photo by Mickey Rooney

Composition by: Sarah Duffy 

Site-Specific Audio Work


Recently, I have been working with The West Inishowen History and Heritage Society in Donegal, Ireland on a data Sonification project that brings to life the hidden archaeological and geological world of the long neglected historical monastic site of Cill Ard. Archaeologist, John Hegarty, engaged geophysics organisation, Earthsound, to undertake an electromagnetic survey of the site. For decades, the site’s true identity has remained obscure, but this survey established that It contains the foundations of an important medieval monastery and evidence that it was burned to the ground by Viking invaders. I acquired this electromagnetic data and transformed it into music to reveal something of the hidden history that lies below the soil. The initial stage of the project involved a walking tour to the site accompanied by the music. I am now working on further iterations of this evolving body of work, including working with local organisations to make it a permanent public artwork.