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Live Performance

Performer: Sarah Duffy

Documentation: Martha McCulloch

10-Minute Site-Specific Performance at Fort Dunree, Donegal, Ireland.

Performance Film

Camera: Harry Kerr

Editing and Sound: Sarah Duffy

Online Edit: Matthew Humphreys

Single-channel video, 5 minutes, 53 seconds 

Produced with the support of Artlink Fort Dunree

After encountering a pack of cards strewn across the floor of a bunker at Irish Historical site, Fort Dunree, I devised a live performance in which I appear to be playing an esoteric game using playing cards and mirrors, staged on the foundations of a burnt down Officers' Mess . The viewer is left to wonder; Is this ritualistic, a magic trick, a kind of summoning, or am I gambling something with an unseen opponent?

I have since created a performance film version of the work that extends upon the themes of the live piece, with the addition a new score that features field recordings and infrasonic sound recorded during my time at Fort Dunree.


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