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Performer: Sarah Duffy

Sound: Sarah Duffy

Camera: Mateo Grillo

Editing: Mateo Grillo

Produced with the support of Lugar a Dudas, The Triangle Network and Gasworks

12 minute 30 sec single-channel video


During my 8-week Triangle Network residency at Lugar a Dudas in Cali, Colombia, I collected a vast library of digital sound recordings, from Cali and beyond, in order to create an intricate audio mapping of my time in Colombia. 
On In November 2019, I presented an experimental performance at Lugar a Dudas, in which I merged my own live singing voice with some of these recordings; exploring the relationship between digital and live sound, as well as the many unique sonic textures that I encountered during my residency, such as the humming of electricity grids and the night-time chorus of the jungle. The original performance work now has a new life as a 12 and a half-minute single-channel video work, shot and edited by Cali based filmmaker Mateo Grillo.

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